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I m a PhD student at UCLouvain (Belgium).

I started this journey in 2018 and the adventure is ongoing. The all project is about phenotyping invisible features on the plant (hydraulics features). In that regards, we work with models and we go from cells-scale to plant-scale. The methodology that we are building will help estimate the transpiration and even the partitioning of the root water uptake.

Research Project

Overview of the few project I have been working on.


Models assisted phenotyping for Hydraulic phenes.

A. Heymans, V. Couvreur, F. Meunier, M. Javaux, X. Draye, and G. Lobet.


Generator of complete root cross-section network in R.

A. Heymans, V. Couvreur, T. LaRue, A. Paez-Garcia, G. Lobet.


MARSHAL, a novel tool for virtual phenotyping of maize root system hydraulic architectures

F. Meunier, A. Heymans, X. Draye, V. Couvreur, M. Javaux, and G. Lobet

SmartRoot to CRootBox

From root system scans to a 3D models of your plant in few steps.

Useful tools

Plant models - Image analysis software tools - Image dataset . A website presenting image analysis software tools and models for plants

Doing Sciences with R

R for Data Science. This book will teach you how to do data science with R

Data to Viz. From Data to Viz leads you to the most appropriate graph for your data. It links to the code to build it and lists common caveats you should avoid.